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From TopQM-System’s point of view, any manufacturer, marketer, raw material suppliers and consumer of any product and service, has the obligation to consider a sustainable, ecological, economic and social use worldwide.


Do you need support to pass your SAQ 4.0 rating promptly?

Our immediate package for you:


  • SAQ4.0 GAP-Analysis
  • Implementation of missing documents
  • Training of your personnal
  • Proof, instructions and certificates of  TopQM-Systems
  • Usining the templates and know-how of TopQM-Systems





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Your partner for sustainability!

In order to receive a successful SAQ 4.0 rating, we help you with the following implementation steps:


1) Consultation
Free initial assessment of your requirements and suggestions for implementation

2) SAQ 4.0 GAP Analysis
Existing standards / certifications - company guidelines - training certificates - Based on the SAQ 4.0 checklist as well as the customer-specific additional requirements of VW, BMW, Daimler, Volvo, etc.

3) Results report
Deviations from the SAQ Standard - Company Guidelines - Recommendations for Action


4) Implementation of ISO standards

  • Certification package (ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001) depending on company size
  • Creation of your company guidelines according to the minimum requirements of SAQ 4.0
  • Implementation in your existing QM system (process description, management evaluation, VAs and AAs)
  • Templates, tips and best practice for easy implementation

5) Education / Training
Training of the individual chapters - Quick, easy via online training - Including a short test and proof of training

6) Successful rating
After you passed your SAQ 4.0 - regular training to sustain your new SAQ 4.0 level