SAQ 4.0 Sustainability Guidelines

October 2020

SAQ 4.0 is an online sustainability self-assessment questionnaire jointly developed by all mayor OEMs for their global suppliers. These companies are expected to comply with and endorse these automotive industry guidelines to improve sustainability.


Here is a quick overview of the SAQ 4.0 main chapters:

  • Management
  • Working conditions and human rights
  • Health and safety at work
  • Business ethics
  • Environment
  • Supplier management
  • Responsible sourcing of raw materials

For this purpose, the supplier must provide  documented proof relating to the respective company policies and training to comply with each chapter in this questionnaire.



The main focus is on the management of the ecological, economic and social sustainability aspects.



Complying with the "SAQ 4.0 Sustainability Rating" is a new benchmark for supplier approval and is also decisive for new projects.


What to do?

1. In the case of new projects, you will be required to participate in the SAQ4.0 Self-Assessment

2. You will receive an invitation code to the NQC platform
3. Answering the SAQ 4.0 questionnaire
4. Uploading proof documents and training certificates
5. Consideration of customer-specific requirements (additional requirements of OEMs)
6. Evaluation and feedback of the assessment results






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