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The "CARBON footprint" is a value or calculation result for the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions that is directly and indirectly generated by a product, considering the entire product life cycle, by a person (depending on the lifestyle), or by a company. This value is also known as "carbon footprint".


  CO2 Balance

Three steps to CO2 neutrality and thus to a sustainable climate and environmental awareness, in relation to

Your product » One person » Your company



Step 1: CO2 Footprint Calculation
Step 2: CO2 Reduction
Step 3: CO2 Sustainability



DIN EN ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse gases -  organisation and company level

 Part 1: Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and
              reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals  (Carbon Footprint for Organisation = CFO)



    DIN EN ISO 14064-2 Greenhouse gases -  project and event level  

Part 2: Specification with guidance at the project and event level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements  

  DIN EN ISO 14064-3   Greenhouse gases - third party assessment

  Part 3: Specification with guidance for the verification and validation of greenhouse gas statements


   DIN EN ISO 14067  Greenhouse gases -  product level

Carbon Footprint for Products = CFP



 The product lifecycle spans the entire value chain

» Production, extraction, transport of raw materials and precursors

» Production, logistics and distribution

» Usage phase, life cycle

» Disposal/recycling


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