Worldwide VDA 6.3 process audits

TopQM-Systems offers worldwide VDA 6.3 process audits and VDA 6.3 Seminars

Are you looking for processes that are robust against disturbances? Do you want to verifiably evaluate and assure the quality of your products? The German Association of Automotive Manufacturers (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. [VDA]) together with German OEMs and automotive suppliers has developed standards for conducting of process audits. The process audit per VDA 6.3 serves as a major instrument for process monitoring.

TopQM-Systems supports you with VDA 6.3

Process audits and Potential analysis per VDA 6.3
For many years, TopQM-Systems has been providing worldwide support to well-known Tier 1 automotive suppliers, logistics suppliers and their sub-suppliers to optimize their internal and external processes per VDA 6.3. We not only identify the deviations, but also make improvement proposals. All auditors have a manufacturing background, therefore we have an excellent knowledge of both areas - production and management. We have a global auditor network at our disposal, with auditors ready to be put into action for you within 24 hours. Our team consists of trained ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 (IATF 16949), AIAG CQI and VDA 6.3 system- and process auditors. We have projects ranging from Europe, USA to Asia. Especially in China, we are represented by multiple Chinese partners, all of whom are fluent in both German and Chinese. Our customers include – among others - Daimler, Opel, BMW, Robert Bosch, ZF, Getrag, Deutz, TRW, SKF, Behr, Mahle, Kostal, Veritas.


NEW! VDA Yellow Print 6 Part 3 is published

VDA, Verband der Automobilindustrie, has published the new yellow print VDA 6 part 3. Here you can download the yellow print for free.

The new standard (red version) will be published in December 2016. We´ll keep you up-to-date.


Watch our TopQM-video about VDA 6.3 process audits at YouTube


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More videos are on YouTube

Get more information about our worldwide Automotive seminars, AIAG CQI process audits, VDA 6.3 process audits, technical cleanliness according to VDA 19.1 and other topics in our videos at our YouTube channel.


VDA 6.3 In-house training

As a licensed training partner of VDA QMC, we offer licensed VDA 6.3 trainings as followed:

 In-house Seminar: VDA 6.3 – General Basics for Process Auditors (Module A) VDA licensed training

 In-house Seminar: VDA 6.3 Process Audit – Serial Production (Module BI) VDA licensed training

 In-house Seminar: VDA 6.3 Process Audit – Product Life Cycle (Module BII) VDA licensed training

 In-house Seminar: VDA 6.3 Examination Day for Certified Process Auditor (Module C) VDA licensed training

 In-house Seminar: VDA 6.3 Competence Training for Certified Process Auditors (Module G) VDA licensed training

  In-house Seminar: VDA 6.3 Qualification as Process Auditor in the Product Life Cycle with Certified Examination (Module E) VDA licensed training





Your advantages with TopQM-Systems:

  • Over 20 years of project experience
  • Practical experience, since we have manufacturing background
  • Many years of experience with VDA 6.3 process audits
  • Worldwide auditor network
  • Audits and seminars offered in multiple languages
  • Fair price / performance ratio
  • We are a licensed training partner of VDA QMC