Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation (Global MMOG/LE)

TopQM-Systems conducts GMMOG/LE audits in the automotive supplier industry on an international level. A global MMOG/LE audit serves to evaluate logistics performance and organization.

Our experienced and praxis-oriented auditor team is available internationally. We will prepare your global MMOG/LE logistics audit in detail through a process analysis and will determine the audit plan with you. We will communicate information to the audited areas. With an opening and closing discussion, a flexible fine tuning of the audit is made on the day of the audit, as well as a timely feedback to the audit participants. We document the potentials and recognized critical elements traceably in the audit report, based on the audit evidence and the fundamental requirement. Action recommendations in the conclusion of the audit or for additional workshops, taken from the experience of our auditors, complete our audit services. Our TopQM philosophy ensures you will receive proper and loyalty-driven behavior from our auditors.

For whom do we offer Global MMOG/LE audits?

For automotive suppliers with logistics performance, i.e. OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2. Organizations which must evaluate the capabilities and performance of existing logistics organization to fulfill customer requirements.

What is the goal of a Global MMOG/LE audit?

As a customer, you will receive:

  • An objective target / actual comparison of current logistics performance to the GMMG/LE in the systematic form of an audit report
  • Conducting a root cause analysis together with the logistics team
  • Conducting a workshop to define corrective actions
  • After a suitable period of time, proof of effectiveness of implemented actions with a new GMMOG/LE audit

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Project Examples of TopQM-Systems Global MMOG/LE Audits

Global MMOG/LE Audit at an automotive supplier in Slovakia … and many other companies in the automotive industry.

Your benefits with TopQM Systems:

  • Longtime auditor experience
  • Worldwide network of auditors (multilingual)
  • Seimple and understandable auditing process
  • Methodology adapted to fit size of organization
  • Clear and concise audit documentation

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