DIN EN 61340 ESD Audit (Electrostatic Discharge)

Our team of certified auditors conducts ESD audits according to DIN EN 61340 around the world. We will support you in achieving the standard of state-of-the-art, ESD-protected production through monitoring and continuous improvement.

Since 2000, TopQM-Systems has been conducting system audits in the automotive sector and at automotive suppliers. Our experienced team will prepare your ESD audit based on an analysis of the production and assembly line. At a kick-off meeting, we will establish deadlines and the audit plan with you. Our auditor will inform your areas that are being audited. Coordination is carried out flexibly on the day of the audit with an opening and follow-up meeting, along with prompt feedback sent to the audit participants. In the audit report, we clearly document potentials and recognized critical points based on the audit evidence and the underlying product requirement. Our auditor will include recommendations for action in this audit report that are drawn from his many years of experience as an auditor. Acute needs for action will be shown directly in the audit. Our TopQM philosophy assures you that the conduct of our auditors will be the picture of decency and loyalty.

Whom do we conduct ESD audits according to DIN EN 61340 for?

For the supplier industry involving the manufacture or assembly of sensitive electronic components, including the automotive industry, medical industry, electrical industry, etc.

What is the goal of an ESD audit according to DIN EN 61340?

As a customer, you will receive:

  • an unbiased perspective of your ESD concept
  • information on recognized risks in trading and in the infrastructure
  • validation of the protective system
  • best practice recommendations for your continuous improvement
  • an overview of how you can implement customer requirements (OEM), e.g. for the VW Group
  • preparation for an external audit with decision-related consequences (process acceptance/approval by the customer, etc.)

TopQM-Systems project examples of ESD audits according to DIN EN 61340

ESD concept for automotive suppliers of closed seat switches (110 employees in the EU)
ESD audit for automotive suppliers of electronic control elements (300 employees in the EU)
SMD-fitting and process assurance in the automotive industry, T1 (in Asia)
Process optimization for automotive suppliers in printed circuit board manufacturing and SMD fitting, T2 (70 employees in the EU)
ESD mechanical engineering protection consideration for ATEX automation technology (30 employees in the EU)
Assessment of ESD concept for automation technology (130 employees in the USA)
... and many other audits in the Automobile industry and automotive supplier industry.

Your benefits with TopQM Systems:

  • Many years of auditing experience in the automotive supplier industry
  • Global auditor network (multilingual)
  • Audits conducted in a way that is clear and simple
  • System adjusted for the size of the company
  • Logical and understandable audit documentation

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