DIN EN 16247 Energy Audit

To carry out your energy audits according to DIN EN 16247, the TopQM auditor team will assist you in satisfying the EU EED / article 8 energy efficiency directive.

Our experienced, practice-oriented and BAFA-certified auditors will prepare your audit in detail according to DIN EN 16247 on the basis of a process analysis. At a kick-off meeting, we will coordinate deadlines and determine the audit plan with you (data collection / indoor and outdoor installations / analysis / reporting). We will take care of the information for the areas being audited. Coordination is carried out flexibly on the day of the audit with an opening and follow-up meeting, along with prompt feedback sent to the audit participants. In the audit report, we will clearly document potentials and recognized critical points based on the audit evidence and the underlying requirements. This audit report will be supplemented in line with the directives with recommendations for action that are drawn from our auditors’ wealth of experience. Our TopQM philosophy guarantees you that the conduct of our auditors will be the picture of decency and loyalty.

Whom do we conduct DIN EN 16247 energy audits for?

For all companies that do not fall under the SME rating and have not introduced an energy system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 nor are certified according to EMAS.
SME stands for small and medium-sized enterprises.
SMEs do not include => 250 employees and an annual turnover of > €50 million or an annual balance sheet amount of > €43 million.

What is the goal of a DIN EN 16247 energy audit?

As a customer, you will receive:

  • the key to satisfying the EED / article 8 energy directive
  • an overview of the potential for energy savings in the company
  • a representation of the options for increasing energy efficiency
  • a way to safeguard sustainability of energy savings measures
  • quarterly efficiency monitoring

Note: The audit according to DIN EN 16247 is not recognized for the reimbursement of electricity tax or hardship provisions according to part 4 para. 2 of the 2014 German Renewable Energy Act!

TopQM-Systems project examples of the DIN EN 16247 energy audit

Energy consultation and e-system introduction in the machining industry (400 employees in the EU)
Energy consultation in the plastic-manufacturing industry (50 employees in the EU)
Energy consultation in punching and bending production (90 employees in the EU)
Integrated management system according to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 50001 (energy) for machining and painting companies (150 employees in the EU)
... and many other energy projects in the automotive supplier industry.

Your benefits with TopQM Systems:

  • Many years of auditing experience in the automotive supplier industry
  • Global auditor network (multilingual)
  • Audits conducted in a way that is clear and simple
  • System adjusted for the size of the company
  • Logical and understandable audit documentation

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