AIAG CQI Process Audit

Since 2006, our experienced auditor team has been conducting AIAG CQI process audits around the world. With an AIAG CQI audit, the technology-oriented process analysis will put you one step ahead of market and customer requirements.

No matter whether in Europe, Asia, or the USA: Our experienced and flexible auditor team is ready to serve you anywhere in the world. We will prepare your detailed AIAG CQI process audit based on an analysis of production. At a kick-off meeting, we will determine deadlines and the audit plan with you. We will take care of the information for the areas/locations being audited. Coordination is carried out flexibly on the day of the audit with an opening and follow-up meeting, along with prompt feedback sent to the audit participants. In the audit report, we will clearly document potentials and recognized critical elements based on the process tables, audit evidence, and the underlying CQI guideline. The audit report will be supplemented by recommendations for action that are drawn from the wealth of experience of our auditors. Our TopQM philosophy guarantees you that the conduct of our auditors will be the picture of decency and loyalty.


Whom do we offer our AIAG CQI audits for?

For automotive suppliers with production procedures that are oriented to process parameters and only allow for destructive verification of the product.
These include:
CQI-9 for heat treatment processes
CQI-11 for plating processes
CQI-12 for coating processes
CQI-15 for welding processes
CQI-17 for soldering processes
CQI-23 for molding processes

CQI-27 for casting processes  NEW!


What is the goal of an AIAG CQI process audit?

As a customer, you will receive:

  • production processes that are robust and ready for series production
  • a technology-specific review concerning added value
  • an overview of process-related risks
  • verification of your monitoring mechanisms
  • an overview of measuring techniques for recording parameters
  • an overview of the technology-related potential for improvement

TopQM-Systems project examples of AIAG CQI audits

AIAG CQI-9 audits for qualifying tier 1 heat treatment suppliers (20 suppliers in Europe, Asia, and the USA)
AIAG CQI-11 self-assessment audits for tier 2 electroplating (multiple locations in the EU)
AIAG CQI-9 audits for leading tier 1 heat treatment supplier (35 suppliers around the world)
AIAG CQI-23 self-assessment audits for tier 1 plastic injection molding (2 locations in the EU)
... and many other companies in the automotive industry and automotive supplier industry.

Your benefits with TopQM Systems:

  • One of the market leaders in conducting AIAG CQI audits in Europe
  • Global auditor network (multilingual)
  • Audits conducted in a way that is clear and simple
  • System adjusted for the size of the company
  • Logical and understandable audit documentation
  • Open training courses, in-house training courses, and webinars held on the topic of AIAG CQI-xx
  • We are member and licensed training provider of AIAG




Do you need assistance in carrying out AIAG CQI process audits? Then click here to contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.