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Internal Auditor for Management Systems according to DIN EN ISO 19011 - Revision 2018

Seminar-ID: 01-080

Module 2.0

This seminar is basic internal auditor training according to the guidelines of ISO 19011 and is designed for participants who would like to refresh their existing basic auditor training or attain qualification as an Internal Auditor. This basic auditor training does not  require any special previous knowledge and is set up to be industry neutral so that participants will be able to perform internal audits of existing process-oriented management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000, etc.

Seminar contents:

+ Scope of application of ISO 19011
+ Terminology
+ Auditing principles
+ Managing and directing an auditing program
+ Excursus: Perception and communication
+ Audit execution
+ Audit conclusion
+ Competence and assessment of auditors
+ ISO 19011 appendix, illustrative examples
+ TopQM-Systems test on the material covered

Target Group

Prospective internal auditors, who plan to perform audits of process-oriented management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AIAG CQI standards

Customer benefit

TopQM-Systems has been working in the area of supplier management for well-known companies in the automotive industry since 2000. The experience gained in live customer projects – such as advanced quality planning, start of new series production, process acceptance, supplier audits, claims management and process optimization – directly flow into our TopQM Automotive Seminars and are continuously updated. We are very familiar with the requests and requirements of our customers and we will prepare you to handle series processes in an efficient and robust way!


After passing a test on the material covered, each participant will receive a certificate “Internal Auditor for Management Systems according to DIN EN ISO 19011”.

Retest will result in € 200,00 plus VAT or $ 200.00 (USD) per participant added to the invoice.


No special prior knowledge is required.

Training documentation

Paper copy of TopQM-Systems seminar materials in the language used for the seminar.


1 day


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