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Global MMOGLE V5 Methodology Assesor

Seminar-ID: 01-060

Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines Logistics Evaluation

This two-day seminar covers the most important requirements for the Global MMOG/LE self-assessment. The goals of the Odette tools and the full and basic versions of the questionnaire will be explained. Our technical experts adapt to individual needs of the group and cover the following topics:

+ Introduction to the Global MMOG/LE logistics standard
+ Goal-setting and purpose of the logistics audit
+ Self-assessment contents and documentation
+ Design and main sections of the Global MMOG/LE
+ MMOG/LE  audit preparation
+ Excel-Evaluation-Tool (Full- & Basic-Version)
+ Audit result , valuations  and A-B-C classification
+ Action tracking / process chart
+ Group work and experience exchange
+ Changes & Goals V4 to V5
+ Handling and operation (online tool) Questionnaire
+ Conducting an evaluation (audit)

Target Group

Personnel for logistics and materials management, Q planners and auditors as well as supplier managers who would like to qualify for the most important requirements of the new GMMOG / LE in the logistic chain as well as the application of the new mmog.np (new platform).

Customer benefit

TopQM-Systems has been working in the area of supplier management for well-known companies in the automotive industry since 2000. The experience gained in live customer projects – such as advanced quality planning, start of new series production, process acceptance, supplier audits, claims management and process optimization – directly flow into our TopQM Automotive Seminars and are continuously updated. We are very familiar with the requests and requirements of our customers and we will prepare you to handle series processes in an efficient and robust way!


Every participant will receive the certificate of participation “Global Material Management Operations Guidelines Logistics Evaluation (Global MMOG/LE) - V5”


Basic knowledge of the automotive industry and logistical processes

Training documentation

Print version of TopQM-Systems seminar documents.


1,5 days


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