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VDA 6.5 - Qualification for Product-Auditor (ID318)

Seminar-ID: 07-120

VDA licensed

In the automotive industry, product audits are an especially important method to ensure product quality. VDA 6.5 is a guideline for managing product audit programmes, which allows organisations to develop a classification scheme adapted to their own products. With a VDA 6.5 product audit, you can identify customer wishes, review products in this respect, and initiate potential improvement actions. This makes VDA 6.5 an efficient tool to further develop the QM system and products of an organisation. Well-qualified auditors are necessary for the implementation. In this training they can acquire the specific expertise.

In this one-day training, participants are acquainted with the structure of audit programmes and the sequence of a product audit – from planning and conducting to the follow-up, reporting and correction actions to be implemented. Methods are presented for identifying possible risks and product improvements in order to sustainably reduce the complaints ratio.

Concept & Methods
During the training, technical lectures, discussions and exchange of experience alternate.

Target Group

This training is for personnel who plan or conduct product audits.

Customer benefit

TopQM-Systems has been working in the area of supplier management for well-known companies in the automotive industry since 2000. The experience gained in live customer projects – such as advanced quality planning, start of new series production, process acceptance, supplier audits, claims management and process optimization – directly flow into our TopQM Automotive Seminars and are continuously updated. We are very familiar with the requests and requirements of our customers and we will prepare you to handle series processes in an efficient and robust way!


After passing the test, the participants will receive a certificate of qualification.

Retest will result in € 200,- plus VAT or $ 200.00 (USD) per participant added to the invoice.


Participants should already be familiar with product audits.

Training documentation

Paper copy of original VDA QMC / TopQM-Systems seminar materials.

Recommended literature: VDA 6.5 Product Audit 03/2020 not included, additional costs  $ 55.00 (USD)


1 day


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