Pre-series Planning

TopQM-Systems is actively involved in supplier management for well-known companies in the automotive industry for more than 15 years. Due to our extensive experience in advanced quality planning, new series start-ups, process approvals and failure management, we know the requirements and wishes of your customers exactly and shall make you „TopQM fit“ for robust series processes.


We support your pre-series planning in the following areas:

Identification and evaluation of product and process requirements

  • Analysis of customer requirements, contract review
  • Evaluation of producibility
  • Evaluation of the QAA (Qualiy Assurance Agreement)
  • Agreement on functional specification document and development objectives
  • Performance features, indicators of reliability


Project Management

  • Project tracking to APQP elements
  • VDA maturity level assurance
  • PEP product engineering process


Advanced Quality Planning

  • Moderation of System FMEA, Design FMEA, Process FMEA
  • Inspection and process planning
  • MSA (measurement system analysis) / measurement coordination
  • Machine and process capabilities
  • Inspection and control plan (CP)
  • Planning of process sequences (process flow, workstations, packaging and transport)
  • Identification and Traceability, sensible batch configuration
  • Technical cleanliness to VDA 19.1, ISO 16232, cleanliness in assembly to VDA 19.2,
  • Identification and reduction of scources of contamination
  • Sampling according to PPAP and PPF


Process Approval

  • Carrying out of process approvals (VDA 6.3 / Run@Rate)
  • Heat treatment and coating processes to CQI-9, CQI-11 and CQI-12
  • Welding and soldering processes to CQI-15 and CQI-17


SLC Safe Launch Concept, an integral part of a New Series Launch

Throughout advanced quality planning in the automotive industry, QM tools such as APQP, PEP, QIP, inspection and process planning, etc. are put to extensive use. Notwithstanding, experience shows that unplanned events may still occur in the run-up phase after start of production (SOP), which can influence the process operation and the quality of the parts negatively. To counter this „process inexperience“ and to further prevent customer complaints, it is sensible to implement a socalled Safe Launch Concept (SLC). The implementation of a SLC and securing the launch of a new series production enables a supplier to improve his knowledge of his manufacturing process and to timeously recognize faults, thus increasing customer satisfaction.
TopQM-Systems has already successfully developed many SLC projects for new series launches together with customers and can draw on a substantiated wealth of experience.

Here you can find a brief compilation of our „TopQM Info Service“ for a free download of the most important aspects on the Safe Launch Concept (SLC).

You wish to receive a tentative offer? Please contact us. We look forward to supporting you professionally.