GM BIQS - Audits


For whom do we provide GM BIQS Audits?

For all worldwide series producers (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) in the supply chain who provide parts to GM.


What is the purpose of a BIQS Audit?

As a customer you receive:

  • A neutral view of your supplier processes
  • An overview of the interfaces and their risks to your suppliers
  • A quick status assessment of your suppliers’ capabilities
  • An overview of the performance of your processes for each of the BIQS elements
  • A list of deviations with regards to the audit standard
  • Best practice recommendations for your continuous improvement
  • Preparation for an external audit which leads to decisions (a BIQS audit for supplier development, etc)

Our supplier auditors are recognised experts in the field of the strict General Motors customer-specific requirements.




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