DIN EN 61340 ESD-Audit   (electrostatic discharge)


For whom do we carry out ESD Audits to DIN EN 61340?

For suppliers who have production or assembly of electronically sensitive components, e.g. automotive industry, medical devices, consumer electronics, etc.


What is the purpose ESD Audits to DIN EN 61340?

As a customer you receive:

  • A neutral view of your ESD concept
  • Finding risks in the process and infrastructure
  • A validation of protective devices
  • Best practice recommendations for your continuous improvement
  • An overview of how you can implement customer-specific requirements (of OEMs) e.g. VW Group
  • Preparation for an external audit which leads to decisions (process acceptance/release by the customer...)

Our ESD auditors are recognised experts in the field of  ESD requirements.


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