Global MMOG/LE Logistic Audit

Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation


For whom do we provide Global MMOG/LE Audits?

For automotive suppliers with logistics operations (OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2). Organisations, who need to assess the capability and performance of their existing logistics operations in order to fulfil customer requirements.

What is the purpose of Global MMOG/LE Audits?

As a customer you receive:

  • An objective comparison of current logistic performance with those in the Global MMOG/LE in a systematic form of an audit report
  • Carrying out a root cause analysis together with the logistics team.
  • Carrying out workshops to determine countermeasures
  • After a suitable period of time the proof of effectiveness of the measures implemented with a new Global MMOG/LE Audit

Our automotive auditors are recognised experts in the field of the required logistic processes.



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