Quality Management in Agriculture
The EU commission has recommended that the agriculture and food industries exercise their own resposibility for food safety and quality by impementing a comprehensive operational and level-overlapping quality management system.
According to an EU regulation, the traceability of all production, processing and distribution levels must be guaranteed. This also includes production, harvest, transport, storharvestage, retrieval from storage in and on agricultural businesses and transport to the recipient, as far as the agriculturalist carries this out himself.

TopQM-Systems supports you in implementing these requirements and provides an uncomplicated method of achieve these objectives. Jointly we develop a concept suited to the size of your business.


Our Concept Includes:

  • Documentation obligation
  • Responsibilities
  • Process description
  • Traceability
  • Transport requirements


We specially consult and support all feed manufacturers and agricultural businesses

  • EU directives
  • QM documentation
  • Transport and storage
  • Hygiene and transport requirements
  • QM in agriculture