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   Production managers and quality managers are natural enemies in a company. The one pays attention to
   quantity (number of units), the other to quality. In my past job experience I have held both positions and
   have thus gotten to know both points of view. Based on this knowledge I am convinced that both sides can
   be meaningfully and harmonically combined, which is exactly what we aim to achieve at TopQM-Systems.
   Our Vision is that everyone globally is working to a meaningful quality standard and that there is a meaningful
   and consistent QM system for all."



Andreas Redaoui

History of TopQM-Systems



Launch of a new location in Anderson, USA; Joint venture with CGP Consultoria Global en productividad S.A. de C.V. in Mexico; TopQM is becoming a license partner of VDA QMC; expansion of the core team with additional employees; TopQM is the officially accredited training center for DHBW; TopQM celebrates its 15-year company anniversary; TopQM-Systems is represented at the Parts2Clean trade fair; TopQM is represented in the continued education market with new modular seminar concepts.



Development of sectors: world-wide VDA 6.3 audits, AIAG CQI training and audits, long-term projects on technical cleanliness. New roll-out of the home page www.topqm.de, www.cqi-support.de, www.technical-cleanliness-support.de. TopQM-Systems hands over the 3.000th training certificate. TopQM-Systems carries out the 420th audit. TopQM-Systems becomes official AIAG CQI training partner.



Expansion of consulting services in Korea and Singapore. Founding new offices in Beijing with local partners. Represented at the „Z“ supplier trade fair in Leipzig and the „HK2013“ Hardening Congress trade fair in Wiesbaden with own exhibition stall. TopQM-Systems is successfully recertified to ISO 9001.



TopQM-Systems achieves the highest annual turnover in 2012. Expansion of the offices in Romania, Turkey and China. Successful implementation and expansion of management systems with support by TopQM-Systems ISO experts. Release of the first „APP“ ("TopQM Automotive" available at no charge in the APP store and Android store from Google).



TopQM-Systems extends team of permanent employees. TopQM-Systems supports the 70th company in its endeavor to become certified. Expansion of the global network of cooperation and offers of in-house seminars around quality management.



TopQM-Systems celebrates its 10th anniversary. Expansion of the worldwide VDA 6.3 process audits and further CQI self assessment services. TopQM-Systems issues the 2000th training certificate.



TopQM-Systems employs 10 permanent employees and cooperates globally with 32 partners. Expansion of the IMS (Integrated Management Systems) certification offers, matrix and group certifications of global standards such as ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001.



TopQM-Systems achieves the highest turnover since its founding. Further specialization in technical cleanliness and CQI standards.



Move of TopQM-Systems into larger office facilities. TopQM-Systems supports the 50th company in its endeavor to be certified to ISO standard. Skills team develops the product „Basic Clean Check" (BCC).



The skills team „technical cleanliness“ is founded. Development of own cleanliness audit checklist and FMEA.



Worldwide supply chain management projects. Organizational separation into automotive SCM and ISO QM consulting.



Inauguration of a new location in Detroit (USA). Issue of the 1000th training certificate.



Founding of the global TopQM-Systems network with expansion of the ISO certification service.



Supply chain management across Europe. Inauguration of office in Prague (Czech Republic) and Hungary.



Founding of TopQM-Systems GmbH & Co. KG by Andreas A. Redaoui and Edith Redaoui.



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